About Sarkar Trust

Sarkar Trust was founded by Smt. B. Sarkar way back in August 2004, starting a journey towards providing quality technical education by setting up Dream Institute of Technology in 2006 under the guidance of our Managing Trustee Mr.S.P.Sarkar. All the trustees have worked since its inception in2006 to develop Dream Institute of Technology as a centre of excellence for higher studies and research in basic and applied sciences, engineering and technology and in other branches of knowledge. Sarkar Trust also conducts regular health camps and awareness camps to keep the local villagers aware of the latest health hazards. Organizing Blood donation camps and free eye checkup camps are some of the activities of the Trust.


“Dream Institute of Technology” is one of the pioneer Institutions in West Bengal. Inspired by the government decision to encourage private initiative in the field of higher technical education, a group of philanthropic entrepreneurs based at Kolkata, established “Dream Institute of Technology” at a sylvan corner of the city on July 2006. The dream bud of that day has blossomed into one premier institution of technology, within a short span of time. Today, it has sprawling college buildings, updated laboratories, well- equipped workshops, ever growing library and to cap them all, a rare conglomeration of highly qualified and experienced faculties. Within a short span of time the institute has established its name by imparting high quality professional education, developing personality and leadership attitude as a part of some commendable measures. The team at the helm of affairs firmly believes that “Quality” is the one and only magic word that is essential for our survival and growth in this ever widening competitive scenario. At the same time, we also believe that quest of quality is a never ending process. The more one attains quality parameters, the more it widens the demand for the same. Whatever shortcoming we may have today, we are at work in unison to ensure a tremendous value addition among our students during their stay with us. At the same time, we are also confident to ensure that the alumni of our college will always feel proud of their institution of choice in the days ahead.